Located in Esenyurt / Istanbul, in an industrial zone, Tütüncüler Textile building covers office spaces and production lines within the same building. The project has integrated sustainability principles and is aiming to receive Leed Gold. 

Design intention is to create an identity by creating a clarity through the selection of simple and few mate-rials, which are mainly corten steel and polycarbonate. It also provides more diffuse daylight by its  translucent nature.  Entrance façade has a special language which create tall and narrow opening to invite users. 

The expression of the facade has been Inspired by undulation, cuts, folds of textile. The main facade unveils the entrance foyer, through a series of movement on the metal by vertical cuts. The building has workshops on ground level. Offices are placed over two levels and roof level is designed as cafeteria and meeting hall allowing to socialize the blue and white collars within a relaxing atmosphere.

Project Information

LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Site Area2.100 sqm
Construction Area17.500 sqm

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