This new hotel in Moscow will be located close to one of the most emblematic streets in the city, the Old Arbat Street. This street has been the background of many events and has a crutial importance in the history of Moscow. Artists, intelectuals and politicians filled its caffes and walked over it’s sidewalks through the last centuries, meaning the area is full of references to get inspired from. Melnikov’s house it’s just inside one of the streetblock courtyards. The old building where the hotel project is to be implemented was formerly used as a bank until recent years.

So, to develop our design concept we took inspiration in three main sources: Arbat Street & Central Moscow’s elegant design, the memory of the Bank and Russian Constructivism. With these references we designed this 100 key 4 star hotel, which integrates a Bistro restaurant and a Lobby bar which aims to contribute to the city’s social landscape.

Project Information

LocationMoscow, Russia
Site Area1.142 sqm
Construction Area5.500 sqm

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