Located in Cheboksary city, the project site is adjacent to Pr Traktorostroiteley Street and a green belt which defines the limit on the northern part of the site.


Within most of the residential buildings, the common spaces are reduced to a minimum and limits the interactions of the users which encounters an uncomfortable and insecure atmosphere. The project is aiming to set a possibility of a new social environment within residential development by introducing meeting points on the each floor. Carving out the building mass allows the natural light to penetrate the usually dull and only function oriented circulation areas, which might allow a community life. It creates vistas over the city as well giving an orientation feeling throughout the building.

The Ground floor is defined as retail, f&b units on the road side together with residential entrance lobby. The roof of these social and commercial activities are developed as green areas. The gym and other similar common functions take the advantage of the slope with and have a view over the abundant landscape located on the opposite wing of the building, while parking and technical areas has been placed on the basement levels.

Project Information

LocationChuvashia, Russia
Site Area12.000 sqm
Construction Area41.000 sqm

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