The principles that guided our design for this mixed use complex comes from the dialectics between Natural & Artificial as well as Public & Private. The program requirement of providing an interconnected platform that enables workers and visitors to circulate between all plots was used to promote PUBLIC life and NATURAL space.

Amidst the stress of the office working life, we envision the possibility of the “positive opposite” – an environment of calm and inspiring harmony, bound by a community of workers for one of the most advanced tech companies in the world, ZTE. This strategy applies also for a modern and avant-garde developer such as Vanke.

The platform is conceived not only as a connective urban element but as a PUBLIC park that provides the background for social activities and relaxation from work.

The Office complex works as a socially friendly urban structure which aims to trigger the interaction between the workers and the visitors. The diversity of the proposed social platforms promote sharing and community building.

The Green Park platform is an outdoor promenade that works as a major distribution space, like a giant open air lobby for all the office, commercial and cultural functions. All main functions – ZTE Office, Vanke Office and Hotel – have dedicated car drop off areas with easy access to the main lobbies.

The Vanke Office and Hotel buildings are designed to have great visibility and an iconic façade expression which builds the urban square with a clear monumental character. On the other hand, the mountain like silhouette, resembling the historical Chinese roofs, outlines the urban contour that makes the ZTE Headquarter project unique in the Shenzhen Bay area.

Project Information

LocationShenzhen, China
Site Area43,150 sqm
Total Construction Area280.000 sqm

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