Sanlitun Terrace project has a total construction area of 29.000 sqm and provides 3.200 sqm of urban terraces.

Located at the center of Beijing, facing the plot of San Li Tun SOHO to its South and The Village shopping Center to its East; Ya Xiu (Yashow) Market is a conceptual project which re-purposes the existing building to fit the changing needs of the surrounding urban context.

The Ya Xiu (Yashow) Market, which was the sole shopping center of the district until 2013, has lost most of its consumer traffic with the construction of The Village shopping center next door.  In The Village shopping center an open air scheme which uses internal streets is adopted.  This approach allows the building to divide its mass to reduce its scale and to provide spacious outdoor areas.

The main problem of re-purposing the insular Ya Xiu (Yashow) Market building is connecting its closed system to the urban environment.  To start making this connection, the roof surfaces generated by the repeating setbacks made by the exterior walls of the current building are transformed to be used as terraces.   The internal circulation is moved on to these terraces and the existing closed façade is removed.

The large car parking area in front of the building becomes a barrier between the structure and its environment.  To overcome this barrier these parking spaces are removed and an iconic interface is designed in its place to connect the pedestrians approaching from the street to the different levels of the building.

To cover the terraces from adverse weather and to provide a unique identity to the project, a transparent membrane is introduced and linked to the iconic stairs in front of the structure.  With this new scheme the goal is to transform the current market building into an urban focal point.

Project Information

LocationBeijing, China
Site Area3.200 sqm
Total Construction Area29.000 sqm

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