How to offer a richer, more human experience for working and living functions in High Rise typology? How to create spaces that contradict individualism and promote community interaction?

Shenzhen is part of the Pearl River Delta conurbation, which is probably the world’s biggest metropolitan area with almost 60 000 000 habitants. It is an exponential example of the new urban reality of the Megalopolis.

The region is also full history and unique patrimony which can be experienced in the surprisingly complex network of its old villages. Those villages contain two of the essences we try to grasp for this project: Identity and Community Space.

Our challenge is to retrieve the spirit of the small scale villages and reproduce it in a vertical structure, building up Vertical Villages or Vertical Hutongs. Our principle is simple: we group a set of modules that create a cluster of small volumes. This group of small buildings generates both the private function space – Housing or Office - as well as the common sharing space – the small town square. By stacking these modules vertically, in a high rise, we are creating the Vertical Village Skyscraper.

A unique approach that gives shape to the new icon for this region of Shenzhen; bringing together the human scale of the Village and the High rise. This typology works as a social friendly environment, looking forward to trigger the interaction between the habitants or workers and promote sharing and community building. We believe that such interactive context is the best background to build happy, dynamic and inspired cities.

Project Information

LocationShenzhen, China
Site Area44.500 sqm
Total Construction Area355.268 sqm

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