Located in an under transformation light industrial zone of Shenzhen, the project aims to create a community proximity and new social interfaces between the residential and workplaces by articulating public and private spaces.

At the first levels the Office Hill works as an open air distribution lobby for most of the workplaces. Simultaneously, it is a public space with extensive seating and relaxing areas for users interaction, as well as an elevated inner street with restaurants, cafes and commercial units for daily use.

The Vertical Squares are social spaces integrated in the office buildings which enable the users to have short breaks outside, make outdoor workshops or office celebrations in a healthy natural environment – these areas combine green roofs and green facade systems, thus becoming like suspended gardens.

At the higher levels an elevated structure, The Social Cloud, has been introduced which accommodates complementary functions to the office activities, exhibition and sport facilities, which the general public might also get access to. This structure connects in a transversal manner most of the office buildings wings. Auditorium spaces, meeting rooms or the business center can be easily reached from all of the office buildings offering extra services and uses.

The Social Clouds’ whole structure has an integrated vaporizing system on its facades generating a cloud around it. Besides the cooling purposes this will enhance its visual impact. The suspended cloud will become the ultimate signature of the building to be visited as a remarkable happening in the city.

The Green Roof is the fourth major social area. It’s focus is on the open air well-being of the users integrating a running track, seating areas and vista points over the city.

The proposal have extensive use of local plants and trees at the lower levels, integrated within the landscaped areas, improving the air quality and avoiding heat island conditions via the use of reflection ponds, green roofs and enabling to create a pleasant working and living environment.

Project Information

LocationShenzhen, China
Site Area44.500 sqm
Total Construction Area355.268 sqm

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