The site of the project is located within a high density residential area surrounded by high-rise blocks next to a large park and water canal in Wenzhou, China. This adjacent park allows easy access to the site for pedestrians while the surrounding highways connect the area to the other districts of the city.

The mixed-use program includes a large area for retail and office spaces with public accessible green spaces. Our proposal works as an articulation between the city and the natural water front. The tension between the strict lines of the large urban blocks, roads and the smooth natural curves of the waterfront were one of the driving forces of the project.

The project organizes itself like a group of buildings and not like a single volume. It emulates the city’s complexity and diversity. This, together with the canal front promenade offers the visitors an experience of discovery. By adopting a fragmented, permeable typology, the building naturally interacts with the city. The spaces between buildings become viewpoints, entrances or connections for different parts of the city.

Project Information

LocationWhenzhou, China
Total Construction Area238.000 sqm

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