The project is a proposal for an invited competition seeking a design for a mixed use residential and office block for the 9,300 sqm site in Alsancak district of Izmir, Turkey. The project with a total of 3.700 sqm covered area includes office spaces, commercial areas and residential units consisting of 96 apartments in various sizes. Instead of creating a separate block for the office use in the mixed-use project we found it rather convenient to place office units in an elevated base and place commercial units underneath to enrich street and courtyard life. Residential units on the other hand is located above this elevated base. In this way, it was possible to separate the entrance to the residential and office space from each other as it can be traversed by the four sides of the calm courtyard in the middle. The base, which includes offices and commercial units, is thought of as a terrace garden where residences can directly be associated with. Fragmented and low-rise residential blocks allow a human scale relation with the terrace garden. Although the total floors of residential blocks are 7 floors in height from the ground, thanks to the elevated base, they are perceived as 5 storey blocks from the street level. The distances between the blocks are more than the regular distances in the nearby urban context, with a minimum distance of around 17 meters.

Project Information

Site Area 9.311 sqm
Total Construction Area 45.000 sqm

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