The International Telecommunication Union
The International Telecommunication Union building site is a significant location on a strong axis leading to UN campus. The morphology of the roof scape of the buildings is inspired by the waves of telecommunication, portions of ripples create gathering, meeting, working environments. The special access oriented spaces such as offices, administration, meeting rooms, storages and services are regrouped over Varembé Street linked with the existing Montbrillant building. Auditoriums, cafeteria, thematic space and related services are gathered next to the tower. The lobby is shaped as an articulating in-between space despite its independent nature. Transparent boundaries of the lobby allow it to connect with the urban context. It also restores the discontinued and dissolved main axis on the UN campus park as a distribution space. We envision a building that unites and ease the communication between its members, not only as workplace, but also as an environment which enhance the dialogue and provides a variety of experiences daily. The building height is kept as moderate as possible to allow its users interact with the context while moving through the spaces. Although the park is outside the boundaries of the project site, we considered it as an open courtyard visually accessible yet we propose to modify some existing paths for the office users only, as an access to the lobby area through the park.

Project Information

Location Geneva, Switzerland
Client The International Telecommunication Union ITU
Design 2017
Site Area 9.411 sqm
Total Construction Area 18.860 sqm

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