Istanbul Technopark is located on a land, of which master plan has already outlined, in the north of Sabiha Gökçen Airport. We proposed a 4-block project (administrative building, incubation centre, research & development building, and social facility) for the invited competition organized for a part of the land.

Varying in terms of both settlement to size, these structures were designed as parts of a unity, within the scope of a concept. Although the topography of the land was exposed to changes over time, characteristics like groundwater, creek and pond have been subsisted until the time. Thus, with reference to fluidity, leakage and cavity of water, we have singled out the concept of porosity and applied it to the whole project.

A working space of free circulation with various indoor-outdoor transitions has been proposed and developed a flexible and user-friendly plan for employees where they can spend their leisure time in open areas. Combining the structures we have designed with the main decisions in the master plan, we have connected public spaces with walkways and bikeways. A landscape approach that moves green areas into the buildings has been adopted with different transitions in open areas. We have proposed green plants varying in terms of colour, texture and height for revealing the seasonal characteristics throughout the year.

In order to comply with the valley texture with regards to the master plan, the administrative building emphasises its mass by settling on where the land mounts. As an horizontal expansion of the Administrative Building, Research & Development building’s bottom and top elevations are separated for strengthening the relation between the walkway and the valley. Social Facility is settled on the same axis with Administrative and Research & Development buildings and stresses the walkway. Located far from other buildings on the other side of the valley, the Incubation Centre consists of modular offices for young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. Common spaces that are created with inner courtyards are offering resting areas opening out on the landscape while enabling young entrepreneurs to interact.

Project Information

LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Built60,000 sqm

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