The project occupies a significantly large plot located in a villa complex in one of the Chinese capital, Beijing’s newer neighborhoods, close to the airport.

The main ambition of the project was to generate a spatial narrative which would allow the owner to exhibit his collection of traditional and modern artwork to guests as well as integrating the exhibition to their more private and daily experience. To achieve this goal an austere and luminous architectural language has been used to design both the interior of the existing building and the new extension which surrounds the existing building and connects to it at different elevations through the landscape.

Out of the 3,000m2 project, 2,000m2 is used for exhibition and secondary domestic programs. Primary elements of the project are; the existing and the additional buildings which are connected through a common axis, the active spaces generated on the landscape and the art gallery located underground. Instead of emphasizing itself, the additional building blends itself with the surrounding landscape as much as possible through its use of natural light and integration of sustainable systems. The project is scheduled to be completed on 2018.

Project Information

BUILT DATEConcept Design
LOCATIONBeijing, China
SITE AREA3,300 sqm

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