We got involved in a shopping centre project located in the development axis of Yingkou, a city in the north of China, after its rough construction completed. The main design parameter of the 80,000 sqm-building was the existing grid-structured system. Ignoring the inner life of the structure with an inflexible geometry, the existing structure was delivering strong perspectives with 120 meter-long corridor axes. To overcome this, we tried to create sequences with empty spaces and breathing areas for users. Making use of the existing conditions like having a roofless gallery and earth surface on the ground, we planned to include green to interiors with trees and vertical gardens in certain areas.

For hiding the rigid geometry of the grid structure, we designed a secondary skin onto existing façade. The new façade created by interpreting the Chinese tiled walls gives the massive block of the shopping centre a fragmented outlook and presents it in human-scale.

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LOCATIONYingkou, China

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