Forum Diyarbakır is located between old city centre and new housing areas, on Elazığ road. Due to its peculiar location, historic fabric of Diyarbakır was the main determinant on the project concept. In order to reduce the monoblock effect of the project, Forum Diyarbakır was designed as a complex that gather several structures. The outer wall functioned as an integrative element of the fragmented solution, while enabling fire escapes to be located as an architectural element and landscaping elements to move towards the building and cast shadow to pedestrians.

In order to realise the idea of "transition", which underlies the interior plan, a flow was designed beginning from the inner yard in the east to the green square in the west, from traditional to the modern. The inner wall made of local basalt accompanying this transition enriches the visitor experience. The dark grey effect and climatic conditions were eased with landscaping elements on the façade and roofs as well as in the inner yard.

With the tower and the conical skylight referring to the volcanic history, Forum Diyarbakır was designed as a meeting point and a landmark to be seen from far away. The project also involves an 8-hall cinema, an entertainment centre, food-court, and a parking area for 1,800 vehicles as well as stores.

Project Information

LOCATIONDiyarbakir, Turkey
CLIENTMulti Development
SITE AREA58,000 sqm

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