Designed in accordance with the humid and hot climate of the region, Forum Adana is structured mainly with open spaces. Offering a dynamic architecture and a lively landscape design, the project easily adapts to the climatic conditions with luminous effects and shadow plays. The centre is located through two axes in east-west directions, at the junction point of boulevards of Ismet Atli and Turkmenbasi, surrounded by dense housing. The main axis begins from the building entrance on Turkmenbasi Boulevard and reaches to the green area involving residential blocks, creating a valley. The unity of this valley and the green texture constitutes a landscape corridor. On the other hand, the lively nature of the topography connects the structure with the city life through several elevations while formalising the building. Secondary axis was formed with the idea of detaching it from the main axis on the entrance and creating an urban street under shadows.

The proposed street and square settling enabled us to create areas for activities and public performances. Designed as a special garden and sheltering restaurants, the roof level creates a recreation area that enjoys the Cukurova fields among citron and orange trees. We are aiming to get BREAAM Gold certificate with this environmentally responsible project providing green areas as well as efficient water use.

Project Information

LOCATIONAdana Turkey
CLIENTMulti Development
SITE AREA55,000 sqm

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