Located in Eskisehir's growth axis, Neo Shopping Centre was designed with our pursuit of balance between rationality and user experience. A circular skylight breaks the spatial arrangement of the bearing structure holding a grid system creating a continuous inner space. The skylight that opens the space up to sky welcomes visitors when they enter the shopping centre from the parking area in the second basement floor, with a setup locating parking spaces underground and reserving the out front for green area. Solving out the circulation around the environment under daylight, we have created an atrium that allows monitoring the movement on floors.

As the parking spaces are located in the basement floors, the building has a grid reinforced concrete structure system; but thanks to steel roof the skylight is designed independent from this grid, having a free form. Unlike a closed shopping centre, such a design has enabled an open and interactive experience under daylight. 

Project Information

CLIENTYapi Kredi Koray GYO
SITE AREA51,000 sqm

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