Garanti Bank connected us to build a technology campus on the land of an old chemical plant on the road linking E-5 and TEM highways in Pendik district of Istanbul. The design was mainly determined by the land’s proximity to the naturally preserved areas around Sabiha Gokcen Airport and green areas around involving shanty houses. Enabling the feel of the natural landscape in the building was one of the main decisions in beginning of the design process. The main idea of the project is to provide the maximum flexibility to working spaces by collecting them in a single block, reflecting the advanced technology contained within its mass. The office block is rises on artificial hills that are sheltering an auditorium, cafeterias, lounges and data centres.

Despite the chaotic atmosphere of the highways and the housing pattern surrounding the building, making employees to encounter a new peaceful environment after entering the building from a façade that is uniting a few materials with a peaceful composition was the foremost aim of the project. The campus programme includes three main sections; a 53,500 sqm-open office, a 16,000 sqm-auditorium, a 72,500 sqm-parking area, cafeterias, common spaces, archive, and service areas.

Fitting the whole programme into a single block, the flexible design can adapt potential new circumstances, including alterations between departments. Inner courtyards of the block are enabling to receive daylight and to build a visual relationship with green fields on the ground floors. Garanti Technology Campus, of which ERA coordinates the design and implementation processes in collaboration with local and foreign consultants as well as Midek/Mingü for interior design.

Project Information

LOCATIONIstanbul, Turkey
SITE AREA53,000 sqm

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