We were invited to the competition for designing the Is Bank Operation Centre to be built on the land of an old porcelain factory, which is located between an industrial zone and a residential district in Tuzla. The project we proposed is based on creating a green area along the creek that runs through the land and developing a landscape design for employees on the ground floor by elevating the building. With such a solution, the structure did not interrupt the visual continuity between the road elevation and residential areas.

The programme of the structure consists of three main parts: a 50,000 m2-office space, 15,000 m2 of common spaces (entrances, auditorium, cafeteria), and 65,000 m2 of service areas (parking area and archive). The fluidal form we offered by expanding the main block in a certain direction enables to create inner yards in order to make office spaces and ground floors receive daylight. The façade design grounding on the expanding method develops a façade modulation and a sunlight blocking system. This design was inspired by the previously existing industrial building’s skylight system. The façade, which is designed for both setting the façade in motion and for laying stress on technological features of the building, has an integrated system providing sunlight for the office spaces.

Project Information

LOCATIONIstanbul, Turkey
CLIENTIs Bankasi
BUILT DATECompetition Project
SITE AREA40,900 sqm

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