For Sancaktepe Residences, we have developed various block types integrating with the landscape, instead of repeating singular buildings. Thus, we intended to create neighbourhood-scaled spaces, a kind of urban fabric. We have located the volumes in a particular way to create a sense of exploration, instead of displaying them at one go. Heights of the blocks designated with reference to the direction of the views. While higher blocks are located on the frontiers of the land, lower ones are placed to create courtyards and side streets between different volumes. Residential blocks are rising on large stone plinths with a plain and lucid architecture. While these are creating a natural environment integrated with the landscape, blocks with simple geometries, shutters and balconies propose a flexible life concept.

Offering around 550 houses, the architectural concept presents a villa lifestyle encouraging neighbourliness on ground level while providing an individual on upper elevations with a balanced and warm environment. Consisting of 15 residential blocks, commercial spaces, recreation areas and a sports complex on a 40,500 m2 of land, Sancaktepe Residences is a mixed-use project with 110,500 m2 of construction space. As if it was part of the project, we have designated the 11,000 m2 of space as a recreation area with courts and streets, which was left to the local municipality for landscaping.

Project Information

LOCATIONIstanbul, Turkey
CLIENTEviya Gayrimenkul
SITE AREA40,458 sqm

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