Located in Haramidere, Istanbul, Ekol Logistics is a building with a high-tech conveyor system, which was the first implementation of such a system in Turkey. In the structure realized with the cooperation between the client and us, products coming to the warehouse are coded and placed in the shelf order automatically; and if one would recall these products, they are coming automatically and loading through connecting to the system in vehicles. Steel is favoured for the building system, since such a high-tech warehousing system could only work best with a wide-span structure. We proposed a fluctuating wavy overlay instead of a stage roof, because the conveyor system required an area with a height of 17 m. With its 2,000 sqm steel structured office block attached to the 64,000 sqm warehouse area, Ekol Logistics was realised as an outcome of our experience in steel structures and trouble-free implementation process held collectively with the client.

Project Information

LOCATIONIstanbul, Turkey
CLIENTEkol Lojistik
SITE AREA80,600 sqm

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