The mixed-use structure we have designed in Suzhou, one of the rapidly developing cities in China, joins to the city’s natural network of canals. Formalised with the idea of creating an extraordinary continuity between the city and water, the project offers office, shopping centre, hotel and residential functions. The building complex has been designed as bridges on different elevations offers transparency and porosity on several levels with the transitive characteristics of the city and water. To create a collective visual identity, an integrated and non-monotonic façade has been designed by developing a single modular system and enriching it with various materials, pattern and transparency levels. Featuring walking tracks as well, the complex provides concert venues, yards, open-air cinemas, shopping streets, pools and cultural centres in public spaces. While 11 blocks are offering office, residential and hotel functions, we have offered a distinctive spatial concept with locating shopping areas to various points of the complex.

Project Information

LOCATIONSuzhou, China
BUILT DATECompetition Project
SITE AREA100,000 sqm

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